Guest post from 9

Hi, 9 here. In this blog post, I will tell you about being the youngest sibling out of three, and some tips and hacks to get you through some situations that happen when you’re the youngest.

So, sometimes it can be a little crazy being the youngest, and that can make it a little hard to get to sleep some night, but I have got a hack to fix that. Before you go to bed try a meditation or yoga. I can recommend: Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness for meditation; and Yoga With Adriene for yoga.

Another hard thing when you’re the youngest is fighting over what TV show to watch. If there’s a small age difference it is probably not that bad, but can still annoying. So instead of arguing over what to watch, try a book that is fun, and if you like silly books Tracy Lacy by Tania Lacy is one of my favourites.

I have also got some recommendations for good family books and read yourself books that both boys and girls will like.

Here they are:


Dumbo by Helen Aberson Mayer

The Anzac Girl by Kate Simpson

Winnie The Pooh by Elisabetta Gnone

Christopher Robin by A.A. Milne


The Midnight Gang by David Walliams

Slime by David Walliams

Polly and Buster by Sally Rippin

Diary of a Friendly Awesome Kid by Jeff Kinney

Even though it can be hard having older siblings you always still love them and having siblings has a lot of positives, so try to focus on the positives, not the negatives. These are some of those positives: you are never lonely, you can play fun games, help each other and cook together. There are so many more but I would not be able to fit them all here.

Here are some more ideas. If you want to play with your sibling but your sibling says “no”, I recommend trying to ignore the bad parts and try to stay calm. A way to do that is Five Finger Breathing. This is how to do it. Use a finger from one hand to trace around the outside of your fingers on the other hand. When you trace up, you breath in. When you trace down, you breath out. You can do this without your brother or sister knowing you’re doing it.

If your sibling is still talking, wait until they finish, then walk away when they’re done. After that, here are some other god tricks to calming yourself down :

- Close your eyes and block out the noise.

- Stare at something else and close and open your hands.

- Block out everything else around you and go into your own world.

- Think about something calm, something that you love and ask yourself why you like those things especially

I hope some of these things will help you in these sorts of situations or if you’re annoyed or bothered by other people around you.

Thanks, 9!