Hanging out for an epic discount?

Well lucky you, here it is… thanks to my special connection (my Mum, 48…), I can offer you 20% off her fabulous invention, the handbag hanger. Yep, now your handbags have a home. My Mum’s handbag hangers have been designed to go in your wardrobe or on your clothes rack, so now your handbags have a place you can put them where they’ll be kept clean, easy to access and off the floor!

The great thing is, you can also use your handbag hangers for belts, jewellery, scarves and lots more. And just because you’re reading this now, you can use the special code just for my readers: 48-11 at checkout (place the code in the 'discount' box). Visit the handbag hanger for your 20% discount off your entire order (so you can buy as many hangers as you like, maybe even get some for your friends!). Let me know what you think of them, hope you love them as much as I do. Happy hanging :)