Ways to make staying at home better

I've written this blog about some things I've learnt during this recent time doing home schooling. I want to share some of the lessons that have helped make it better for me. These hacks can help in everybody’s daily life, to make them feel good about themselves and what they have to give to the world. So without further ado let’s get on with the blog...


I know that sometimes sitting for a long periods of time can get you down, trust me it does. That's why I have done a lot of looking around just for you to find some fun active YouTube videos to participate in and they are totally free. One of my favourites is Tanju Koc, he's fun, whimsical and makes exercising super fun; plus all of his videos have a live DJ so the music is great. Just click HERE and HERE to access the videos. Get your boogie on!

Stay Hydrated

One of my favourite ways to stay healthy is to drink a lot of water, but to get your drink make your tastebuds dance, just add fruit and ice and you’re ready to go. You could also have a nice hot herbal tea if you're feeling cold. Some of my favourites are Chai (caffeine free version) and Peppermint. Staying hydrated is not only good for you but it makes you feel more alive, much alert and brighter. So, drink, drink, drink and drink some more!


Being at home can make you feel like staying in your pyjamas forever, let's face it, it's comfy and easy, but staying in your pyjamas can get kind of smelly! But with these hacks you're going to look like a queen whilst still being comfy. Ready, okay. 1. Comfort is definitely key, so choose items that you know you can sit in for hours without feeling constrained. 2. Wear what makes you feel good about you. 3. It definitely doesn't need to be expensive to look amazing. There are countless websites, fighting it out to have you as their customer by offering massive discounts on affordable fashion; just put aside some time to search the web. Have a flexible tape measure handy so you can be sure to order the correct sized items. 4. Always remember, you look beautiful in whatever you wear. Trust me!

With these tips and tricks, you can look amazing and feel even better. Enjoy.

Just Laugh

Ha, Ha, Ha. Laughter is the best medicine for everything. Laughter can make you feel good and makes others feel good too. So laugh when you spill your nachos on your pants, laugh when you accidentally put salt in your cake instead of sugar; and when you colour in the unicorns eyes red (ahh a bit scary). So even if life is bringing you down just laugh about it and I'm confident you'll be feeling better.